Game Instructions:

Press the notebook to get clues. The clues are all false, you need to find the person that does not have any of the traits. There is a timer that goes towards 0 at which point you loose. You also loose if you pick the wrong person. The additional time you have left is added to your score.

Game development:

The theme was "The game is a liar" and the game is about finding the guilty when the witness is lying.

This is the first game I've ever made so there are a few things that can improve. I noticed now that I have disregarded screensize differences and this might be a problem, however it seems to work if you don't play in full screen. I didn't have time to add sound effects and so on and there are a few other things I didn't have time to add. I like randomly generating stuff so that's what I based the game on. Tell me what you think about the game!


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